Does it cost anything to track my Benchmark performances at Raw Fitness Combine?click to

No. It’s absolutely free!

How does it work?click to

Once you have set up a FREE profile and logged in, go to the TRACK BENCHMARKS page and click on any Benchmark Exercise.

Before you complete any benchmark, make sure you review the movement standards for that Benchmark.

Complete the Benchmark Exercise while on video, then post your score and video using the form on the page. (Only youtube videos accepted.)

After you have posted a score with video, a MERIT STAR will appear next to your score on that Benchmark Leaderboard and on your profile page in both the EARNED MERIT and MY BENCHMARKS sections.

Note: You do not earn MERIT STARS unless you add a video to verify your score. Without a video, your score will still be recorded and be positioned on the Leaderboard, but no MERIT STAR will be issued.

Do I have to submit a video with my score?click to

No. Videos are only required if you are trying earn MERIT STARS or to win something for your performance. The RFC system will keep track of your Benchmark performances over time with or without videos. Your best score for any given Benchmark will also be displayed on the Global Leaderboard with or without a video.

If I am trying to win gear or cash, is the angle from which I shoot my video important?click to

Definitely Yes. In order to win something for your Benchmark Performance, your video will have to be reviewed by our judges to make sure your performance is 100% legit and deserving of a prize.

If you do not film from an angle that allows our judges to see if all of the movement standards are met, your performance will not be eligible for a prize.

TIP: Make sure your videos provide INDISPUTABLE evidence of your performance. Remember… your video will be available for everyone to see. There is nothing more embarrassing than posting a video that is full of bad reps and form when you consider yourself an elite athlete.

I submitted my score for a Benchmark and I did not earn a MERIT STAR... What gives?click to

MERIT STARS are only issued when a youtube video link is submitted along with your score.

If you want to earn MERIT STARS, you need to video your performances and submit youtube videos along with your score to verify your performance.

How can I track my Benchmark Performance history?click to

Go to the MY BENCHMARK section of your profile page.

There you will be able to see your last 4 performances for each Benchmark.

What if someone posts a great score with a bogus video?click to

Any performances that are eligible to win a prize or are in the top positions on any leaderboard are subject to verification by our judges. If the video does not legitimize the score, the video will be removed and the score will be adjusted. We want to discourage people from posting great scores on the leaderboards just to get attention.

Some Benchmarks don't have Performance Scales or have incomplete Performance Scales... Why is that?click to

NO PERFORMANCE SCALE: When we add new Benchmarks to the website, it may take some time for us to develop a Performance Scale for it. Don’t let that stop you from doing it! Just know that the Performance Scale will be added as soon, and then your Performance Star will be issued at that time.

INCOMPLETE PERFORMANCE SCALE: Some of our Benchmarks are geared towards heavyweight lifters. For these Benchmarks, we only have Performance Scale values for ELITE and PHENOM. Since the athlete’s size is not taken into consideration for these Benchmarks, we felt it would not be accurate to list the lower levels of the Performance Scale (Novice, Weekend Warrior, Intermediate Athlete and Trained Athlete).  For example: a 1 Rep Max Bench Press of 250 lbs would be Novice for a 350 lb athlete but could be PHENOM for a 110 lb athlete.